sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

I'm BACK !

i have been in army for nearly 300 days now so that's the reason why i haven't been  posting new pic's
i'm planing to start painting in next weekend so get ready :3

sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

Happy Father's day !

It's father's day here in finland and i thoug i should keep litle brake from painting and make something for my father and tomorrow is also my Girldfriend Birthday so this is going to be litle off topic but who cares ? it only happend once a year =)  so i desidet to make some sweet dessert for my family, should be hard. ^^

My special chocolate fondant's

And my mother's recepie dont ask we havent named it yet xC 

AND gift to my girlfriend to celebrate her 20 b-day ! , i know it may look litle childish but belive me she will love it  :)
Next time im make new update it will be something conserning modles , until them

CHEERS ! Darkdrake

tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

Glade guard update

 So i finaly desidet that this will be my armys main collor's, and im prety happy whit base too now that i painted the edge's black. now it's time to start painting regiments

 I got some high elve spear's from mail today, and thoug that they would make nice eternal guard weapons for my extra glade guard. original eternal guard models look great but they are all metal and expensive so cant aford to buy them ; ( well here is what i made up so far, it would be cool if i have time to make unique shield's for my ''eternal guard'' from green stuff , and the best thing it does not brake up the fluff ^^

oh and Ps. What is your exp about using rare earth mangets in movemen trays? i got 8mm mangets in mail today too ..... and have no idea how should i use em.

Cheers ! Darkdrake

sunnuntai 6. marraskuuta 2011

In to the shadow glades .

My frist regiments are starting to be ready to get some paint , but im still having some trouble whit collor sceme. in frist pic there is my two glade guard unist whit musician and standard and one whit musician only , and in the midle i have my army general model she is freebooter miniature fairy im planing to use her as my spellweawer or Highborn. There is my frist try to obtain nice collor sceme but that didnt go well , at least the base looks terible = C

Freebooter miniature fairy #2

My frist painted wood elve

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

And so our story nearly begins . . .

Guardians Of Latefall

Hello and welcome to my frist blog about my warhammer fantasy army of wood elves. i made this blog to speed up my project whit elf's whit goal of 2400 points in year or half so i can get ready to prepare for Turnaments whit ETC rules. it's going to be fun

So far the fígures i got in my colection :
1 spellwaver
2 highborn's / nobles
44 Glade guard's
5 Glade rider's
16 Wardancer's
6 waywacher's

I'm still lacking of forest spirits like treekins and treeman but im planing to scrat build em form citadel wood set's and dryad bitz.

In next Update i will bring you my frist painted model, few progrest pictures and meybe some fluff about my Elf army until then.

Cheers . Darkdarke